Cooling for modular Data Centres

The CyberCon modular container system for installation outside the unit is specially designed for the air conditioning of prefabricated Data Centres. This air conditioning solution, in the standard size 20 ft "high cube", can be ready for operation fast and shortens construction, installation and start-up time. The Data Centre itself is also housed in a container.

Solutions for CyberCon units

  • For modular Data Centres in container format (up to approx. 400 kW per 20 ft container)

  • Indirect Free Cooling

  • Direct Free Cooling

  • For use in the IT sector



  • Simple transport, easy installation, a complete cooling unit with equipment in a container (completely self-contained design)

  • Turnkey precision cooling device for installation outside the unit

  • Designed for air conditioning a prefabricated computer room in container format (POD)

  • Lowers investment costs and can be rapidly adapted to fast growing IT requirements

  • Offers scalability and rapid enlargement of capacity in line with IT demands

  • Shortens lengthy planning phases

  • STULZ E² controls – Data Centre specific with user adjustable set-point envelope

Direct Free Cooling enables energy savings of up to 80 %.



Variety of options

Thanks to numerous equipment options, CyberCon units can be configured in accordance with your specifications and requirements. 


  • Norbert Wenk, Product Manager

    "CyberCon is an ideal energy and cost-saving solution for cooling prefabricated computer rooms in container format."



  • Various cooling systems and Free Cooling solutions are possible

  • Integrated exhaust air with Direct Free Cooling

  • Integrated service corridor

  • Microchannel condensers

  • Two independent cooling sections with their own controller, enabling N+1 redundancy

  • Temperature range: -35°C to +46°C

EC fans (radial and axial)



  • STULZ CyberCon Brochure

    • File: STULZ_CyberCon_Brochure_1012_en.pdf

    • Type: Adobe PDF

    • Size: 558,23 KB

    • Language: English

    • Date: 2012-10-01


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