Cloud Based Service Management Portal

Maintain an overview!

Documentation of system status and which work has been performed in which area are the vital aspects in the lifecycle of energy efficient air conditioning systems.

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This is where you would outline more detail about what's involved when you are engaged to provide the Cloud Based Service Management Portal.



Key differentiators that should matter most in this category

  • Open Communication

  • Continuously strive


  • Freedom, not restrictions

    All you need to use the service portal is a web browser. No software, no licenses, no equipment.

  • Digital, not analog

    The service portal means shelves full of file folders are now history. We can digitize your entire service on request.

  • 24/7, not "9 to 5"

    You have an overview of all service processes at all times, whether in the office or on the move.

  • Saved, not printed

    Your entire service documentation is archived and saved in a clear manner.

  • A database, not a filing cabinet

    The service portal provides a convenient database for all systems within the scope of technical facility management.

  • Notification, not rectification

    Troubleshooting has never been so easy and convenient. Simply send a notification of your system fault via the service portal – no further action is required.

  • Finding, not searching

    Work with a practical overview of all offers and invoices – and make commissions directly via the service portal where necessary.

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